Ubisoft Boosts ‘Champions Tactics’ Launch with AI Analytics Firm Partnership

Ubisoft, the notable force behind industry giants such as Assassin’s Creed and Just Dance, is venturing into new territory with its inaugural foray into blockchain gaming. The video game titan is set to introduce “Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles” to its arsenal, marking a significant pivot toward incorporating non-fungible tokens (NFTs) into its offerings. In orchestrating this launch, Ubisoft has allied with Helika, a cutting-edge analytics firm specializing in crypto gaming data and insights, underscoring the strategic approach Ubisoft is taking towards embracing blockchain technology.

The cooperation with Helika sheds light on Ubisoft’s commitment to leveraging state-of-the-art tools and services for the rollout of its original role-playing game on the Oasys blockchain. This collaboration is poised to enrich Ubisoft’s game launch with in-depth on-chain and social analytics, alongside a suite of marketing and game management capabilities. Helika’s CEO, Anton Umnov, shed light on the multifaceted services provided, including attribution and live operations management, underscoring the meticulous planning behind Ubisoft’s blockchain endeavor.

Helika’s credentials are further burnished by its association with some of the most prominent names in blockchain gaming, such as Yuga Labs and its Otherside project, demonstrating the startup’s commanding presence in the sector. This is buttressed by a recent vote of confidence from investors, with Helika securing an $8 million Series A funding round led by the esteemed Pantera Capital.

The anticipation for “Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles” reached a crescendo last week with Ubisoft unveiling a playable demo at the NFT Paris conference, signaling the near completion of its development phase scheduled for 2024. The company’s engagement with the NFT space was hinted at late last year with a free mint of Ethereum NFT profile pictures, now gaining considerable value in secondary markets, showcasing Ubisoft’s innovative approach towards digital collectibles and in-game assets.

Ubisoft’s exploration of blockchain technologies does not begin with “Champions Tactics;” the company has already dipped its toes in the water with NFT releases for existing titles and collaborations within the metaverse. These initiatives signal Ubisoft’s broader strategy to intertwine traditional gaming experiences with the burgeoning realm of crypto assets, illustrating a forward-thinking approach towards gaming’s digital future.

Nicolas Pouard, Vice President of Ubisoft’s Strategic Innovation Lab and Head of Blockchain Initiative, emphasized the potential of this partnership with Helika to pioneer new frontiers in Web3 for players, underlining the mutual benefits of this sophisticated analytical and operational support system for Ubisoft’s ambitious project.

As Ubisoft cements its position at the intersection of gaming and blockchain technology, “Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles” stands as a testament to the company’s vision of the future, embracing the complexities and opportunities of integrating NFTs and blockchain into the gaming landscape.