Google Researchers Declare: AI Struggles to Craft Quality Jokes

In a fascinating intersection of technology and creativity, a study capturing the essence of comedy as understood—or misunderstood—by artificial intelligence has emerged, shedding a stark light on the state of AI’s capacity to replicate one of humanity’s most nuanced forms of expression. Researchers at Google DeepMind, in collaboration with 20 seasoned comedians and performers, undertook […]

Travelers Beware: AI Phishing and Juice Jacking Scams on the Rise

As the summer travel season accelerates, a burgeoning wave of vacationers and business travelers alike are embarking on journeys, inadvertently rolling out the welcome mat for cybercriminals who are quick to exploit the digital vulnerabilities that come with travel. These malefactors are no longer just relying on conventional tactics but are now embracing advanced technology,

DeFi Technologies Strikes Back at Damaging Report Affecting Its Bitcoin Holdings

In a rebuttal reflective of its determined stance, DeFi Technologies has ardently countered claims posited by the digital currency newsletter, CoinSnacks, which suggested the recent ascendancy in the company’s stock value owed more to promotional activities than intrinsic value augmentation. Notably, the newsletter highlighted an aggressive marketing strategy that included paid emails and influencer engagements

Tap Global’s Bold US Entry Amid Regulatory Uncertainty

In an ambitious move that signals both confidence and pragmatism amidst a volatile regulatory landscape, Tap Global has opted to extend its digital asset services to the American market. This decision comes at a time when regulatory scrutiny within the sector has intensified, following high-profile collapses and legal challenges faced by other cryptocurrency firms. Despite

Drake’s $500,000 Bitcoin Bet Falls Through in NBA Finals

Drake, the globally renowned rapper, is no novice when it comes to living a life of grandeur, often shared in glimpses on his Instagram profile. His ventures into high-stakes gambling, particularly through Bitcoin wagers on sporting outcomes, exemplify this lavish lifestyle. Drake’s betting activities have most recently been channeled through Stake, a betting platform he

Claim Your ‘Notcoin’ Before Airdrop Ends Amid Rising Telegram Crypto Gaming Buzz

In the swiftly evolving landscape of blockchain-based entertainment, Telegram’s integration of cryptocurrency-fueled gaming is catching the attention of a rapidly expanding user base, thanks in large part to the meteoric rise of Notcoin. This novel token, launched earlier this year on The Open Network (TON), has not only redefined the parameters of success for gaming

Hamster Kombat on Telegram Surges to 150 Million Players

In an extraordinary display of rapid expansion, the Telegram-based cryptocurrency gaming venture, Hamster Kombat, has recently announced an astonishing surge in its player base, now boasting a count that exceeds the entire population of Russia, tipping over 150 million participants. This leap represents an exponential 50% growth from just a week ago, underscoring the game’s

Elon Musk Proclaims Tesla Leads in Practical AI

In a recently concluded shareholder meeting, Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk boldly underscored the company’s strides in artificial intelligence (AI) and hardware innovation, asserting a preference for its in-house developed technology over alternatives from established industry players. Musk, with characteristic confidence, highlighted, “There is not a chip from Nvidia—or from any company—that we would opt for

Epic Games Store Launches Parallel TCG Expansions

Adapting the enthusiastic and information-rich style of Nick Timiraos for The Wall Street Journal, we can present the news about Parallel Studios in a fashion that provides readers with a comprehensive understanding of the studio’s unique offering within the gaming industry. Our adjusted version might look something like this: Toronto, Canada, April 22nd, 2024 –