“Pirate Nation” Unveils On-Chain Gaming Network on Arbitrum

In the rapidly evolving world of blockchain technology and decentralized applications (dApps), Proof of Play, the innovative studio at the forefront of merging gaming with blockchain, has unveiled its groundbreaking venture – the Arbim multichain network. Spearheading this initiative with its flagship blockchain role-playing game, Pirate Nation, Proof of Play’s Multichain is poised to redefine the gaming landscape.

Engineered to capitalize on Arbitrum Orbit, an advanced Ethereum scaling solution, Proof of Play’s Multichain promises an “ultra-fast constellation of blockchains” tailored for on-chain gaming and dApps. This network marks a significant venture beyond the studio’s pioneering steps with Pirate Nation, extending an invitation to fellow game and dApp developers to partake in its thriving Arbitrum-based ecosystem.

The transition of Pirate Nation to Proof of Play’s Multichain from Polygon – a prominent Ethereum scaler – underscores the studio’s commitment to innovation and its quest for a more efficient gaming environment. This not only epitomizes Proof of Play’s dedication to enhancing the player experience by subsidizing substantial daily network fees but also highlights the limitations encountered on conventional platforms.

Amitt Mahajan, Co-founder, and CEO of Proof of Play, shared with Decrypt’s GG the studio’s vision for simplifying the process for creators aiming to develop on-chain games. Mahajan emphasized the infrastructure support that Multichain offers, asserting its potential to revolutionize the gaming sector with features such as real-time player-versus-player combat and enhanced accessibility.

In the wake of a successful funding round that garnered $33 million, led by esteemed entities such as Andreessen Horowitz and Greenoaks Capital, Proof of Play’s strategic maneuvering is indicative of its ambitious plan to spearhead fully on-chain gaming. The studio’s initiative dovetails with the growing interest in Arbitrum’s ecosystem, notably with recent developments like the ApeCoin DAO’s decision to establish an “ApeChain” and the advancements by the Treasure gaming network.

As Multichain prepares for its imminent launch, housing Pirate Nation on its first chain, “Apex,” it sets a precedent for the future of blockchain gaming. With the Founder’s Pirates NFTs maintaining their position on the Ethereum mainnet, Proof of Play’s efforts to mitigate operating costs and enrich the gaming experience herald a promising horizon for the Arbitrum gaming realm and beyond.

In a landscape where blockchain gaming frequently operates on external servers, Proof of Play’s pioneering approach to running games entirely on-chain, without the drawbacks of delays or impediments, positions Arbitrum’s technology as an ideal ally. This synergy between technology and vision underscores a new chapter for gaming, pointing towards a future where on-chain and off-chain gaming experiences are indistinguishable in quality, yet vastly different in their underlying philosophies and capabilities.