NFT: the Magic Eden marketplace announces its reward program

Magic Eden launches its points program:

  1. Magic Eden launches “diamond” rewards program.
  2. The program kicks off with a “Retroactive Diamond Drop” to reward Solana users, scheduled for February 2.
  3. Magic Ticket holders will be included in the rewards system, with more details to come.

A new rewards program for Magic Eden

Magic Eden recently announced the launch of its rewards program designed to reward the contributions of its most loyal userswhether they are NFT collectors or collection creators.

As part of its program, be aware that users will be rewarded with “diamonds”and not classic points as is the case on most protocols.

Furthermore, this program “is not a simple points campaign”, declares Magic Eden, but rather a system designed to promote users who have been (and will be) the most active within the Magic Eden ecosystem.

Note that the program starts on the blockchain Solana, highlighting Magic Eden’s commitment to this community. Although the marketplace has today become a multi-chain platform, it is of course Solana that the latter was born.

As part of its announcement, Magic Eden also announced a “Retroactive Diamond Drop” planned for the February 2. This airdrop will take into account theon-chain user activity since the year 2021marking a significant recognition of their long-standing commitment.

The upcoming evolution of the Magic Eden program

In the coming months, Magic Eden plans to extend its rewards program to other blockchainsincluding Bitcoin, Ethereum et Polygon. This cross-chain expansion demonstrates the vision inclusive of Magic Eden for the NFT market. In addition, holders of Magic Tickets (NFT natif de Magic Eden) will be integrated into the rewards system.

Our plan is to integrate Magic Ticket owners into our rewards system with more details coming soon.

said Magic Eden in its publication

In addition, Magic Eden announces that its digital wallet will be “soon to be online“, adding that the latter directly integrated rewards in the form of diamonds.

Magic Eden emphasizes that its goal is to become a “100% open source platform“, with intellectual property community managed. This aligns with Magic Eden’s mission to democratize access to NFTs and attract a wider audience to this ecosystem.