Pirate Nation CEO Foresees Boom of Thousands of Crypto Game Blockchains

Amitt Mahajan, the entrepreneurial force behind Proof of Play and the brainchild of the crypto game Pirate Nation, has forecasted a future where the tech landscape could see thousands of bespoke blockchains dedicated to individual apps. Drawing from his pioneering work on the Farmville game, a phenomenon that once gripped Facebook users, Mahajan’s perspective on blockchain technology is deeply rooted in his extensive experience with database management under high-demand conditions. With Farmville, Zynga had to navigate the complexities of managing 64 databases at the game’s zenith to support a daily active user base of 30 million—a challenge Mahajan sees parallels to in the current blockchain environment.

His foray into blockchain, a technology he equates to an “advanced database,” has led Proof of Play to pivot from the Ethereum scaling solution Polygon to Arbitrum Nova, especially in light of the economic pressures exerted by scaling demands on gas fees. This move underscores a broader trend observed in the sector, where game developers and other projects gravitate towards platform-specific chains to mitigate costs and ensure operability. Pirate Nation itself has transitioned to its self-hosted chain, Apex, marking a significant step in what Mahajan views as the inevitable direction for applications seeking scalability and economic predictability.

The drive towards what Proof of Play calls the Multichain—a vision of interoperable, application-specific chains—is echoed in the broader blockchain sphere. Projects like Avalanche’s game-focused subnets and the Treasure Chain, operating on Arbitrum, reflect a growing acknowledgement of the need for tailored blockchain solutions to address the unique demands of high-traffic apps and games.

Mahajan’s strategy emphasizes sustainability and scalability, acknowledging the challenges but also the necessity of managing multiple chains for a single application. Such a setup may seem daunting but is not entirely dissimilar from the complexities previously managed in the era of web 2.0 applications, hinting at a maturation process within the blockchain industry toward more nuanced and sophisticated infrastructure solutions.

This focus on utility and economy is paralleled in Pirate Nation’s monetary philosophy, notably through its PIRATE token economy, which prioritizes stakeholding and long-term participation over quick gains. The upcoming gameplay event, promising significant network load, will serve as a litmus test for the resilience and scalability of the Apex chain and, by extension, the viability of Mahajan’s multichain proposition.

In a technological landscape that’s as evolving as it is volatile, Mahajan’s journey from Zynga to the helm of Proof of Play encapsulates a broader evolution—from single massively supporting databases to the delineation of dedicated, application-specific blockchains. This trajectory not only highlights the rapid developments within blockchain technology but also anticipates a future where scalability, economic efficiency, and user engagement converge into seamless, integrated experiences. This shift, while ambitious, points to a new horizon in app development, embodying the principle that the specifics of infrastructure should be as adaptive and diverse as the applications they support.