Epic Games Store Launches Parallel TCG Expansions

Adapting the enthusiastic and information-rich style of Nick Timiraos for The Wall Street Journal, we can present the news about Parallel Studios in a fashion that provides readers with a comprehensive understanding of the studio’s unique offering within the gaming industry. Our adjusted version might look something like this:

Toronto, Canada, April 22nd, 2024 – (GamingWire) – In a move that underscores the burgeoning appeal of digital trading card games, the Toronto-based Parallel Studios is catapulting itself onto the global stage via a strategic partnership with the Epic Games Store. Known for its artful marriage of aesthetics and technology, Parallel has carved a niche for itself by offering experiences that push the boundaries of traditional gaming paradigms.

With a pedigree that reads like a who’s who of the gaming industry, including alumni from Blizzard, Epic Games, Ubisoft, Riot Games, and Xbox Game Studios, Parallel is positioning itself as a force of innovation within the card game genre. The studio’s flagship offering, a free-to-play digital trading card game, transports players to a nuanced sci-fi universe set 10,000 years into the future. This game, which centers around the struggle for supremacy of Earth by five parallel evolutions of humanity, challenges players to collect cards and deploy strategic prowess in battles that are as intellectually demanding as they are thrilling.

The game distinguishes itself from competitors like Magic the Gathering and Hearthstone through several key features:

  1. An Accessible Model: Parallel introduces a free-to-play approach, allowing players to engage without upfront costs and even rewarding participation with weekly and monthly giveaways, in addition to earnings from in-game activities.
  2. Strategic Depth: Players are tasked with banking cards for energy, a mechanic that adds a layer of strategy in deciding which cards to play and when.
  3. Diversity in Gameplay: With five unique factions and 15 game-changing leaders termed ‘Paragons’, the game offers a rich variety of playstyles.
  4. Flexibility for Players: Catering to both newcomers and competitive gamers, Parallel offers various modes from unranked and beginner-friendly matches to ranked ladder competitions and tournaments featuring significant prizes.

Despite its recent founding in 2021, Parallel has quickly garnered critical acclaim, securing several game of the year awards even while in open beta. The studio has not only announced a competitive prize pool of $500,000 but has also successfully drawn professional gamers and notable influencers to its ambassador program, signaling its emerging dominance in the TCG genre. The recent release of the "Planetfall" expansion introduces over 100 new cards, with plans for future expansions already underway.

Parallel Studios’ co-founder and CEO, Sascha M, expressed enthusiasm about the launch on Epic Games Store, heralding it as a "significant milestone in our global expansion strategy." Meanwhile, Franklin Fitch, Head of Partnerships, underscored the potential for wider player engagement and growth, with plans to expand the competitive prize pool into the millions in the upcoming years.

About Parallel Studios
Parallel Studios is breaking new ground in the gaming industry with its focus on creating the next AAA sci-fi franchise. Its current projects, including the acclaimed Parallel TCG and the AI-driven idle game Parallel Colony, are testament to the studio’s commitment to innovation and providing captivating experiences within this new intellectual property.

For further information, the studio has made available contact details for Swish Goswami, head of growth, inviting inquiries and engagement from the gamer community and industry stakeholders alike.

This announcement is presented in cooperation with our commercial partners at Parallel Studios.

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